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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop Stressing!

Hi, I am alive. I am ok. :)

So everyone is sort of settling. The dogs are being very sweet, but Tipper has an ear infection. I will take her to the vet Thursday, because I need to take Bupkis to obedience classes Wednesday night at Petsmart. I think I am going to apply for the personal lessons. He is getting better with people aggression on our walks, but I think Petsmart is just TOO many people in a CLOSED place and its just too much all at once. It floods over him, and the anxiety is too much for me to control or him to bear.

We are definitely looking forward to Boyfriend coming home, but we are getting into our groove with the dogs.

I am taking Tipper on Thursday, that way I can clean (I will take the day off of work) because my FAMILY is coming on Friday :) yay! My sister and my dad, she will bring the gnome :) Hopefully Friday... Maybe Saturday depending on the drive.

I just need to get my back healed. Still need the muscle relaxers... I tried not to take them today but my limp is super noticeable and painful and my leg is weak :( I am losing SO much muscle mass...  thats my gripe today. But its just important to take it little by little. Everything is fine. We are all ok and we are going to make it :-P stay calm, it could always be worse.

we have this weekend to look forward to! yay! visit!

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