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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Y'All (is it one word?)

so I have been moved to GA for over a year now. Amazing how time flies! Sorry I didnt post before!

As a quick update. I am still vegan, still with Hannah, but 2 new pups and still loving that same wonderful boyfriend LOL

Things are going well, as you would expect there were *some* adjustment issues. Mainly financial. Again, not unexpected. They say that relationships get torn apart on 3 premises: 1-kids 2- religion 3- money. So far while the money was an issue, it was a talkable issue. The one that goes "holy crap, really?" then "ok I guess this is what it is" sort of conversation.

We are probably moving in a year again. And I already found a job at our new location, so I might move ahead if I get offered the position. I am super hopeful and excited about this one. I have applied many places before but this one sounded good. They even "extended the deadline" for applications. So I am hoping that this means they didnt get enough applicants, or they didnt get ANY applicants?!?!?! yea lets hold our breath on that one.

Anyway, I will make this blog updates on just... anything now. Relationship issues (moving in together, others gawking that we are not engaged, remembering he is in the military and he doesnt come home every night *grumble*) and how veg*nism is SUPER hard in the south, fun good recipies, or whatever else :) I have 3 dogs, they should be popping up! LOL

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