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Monday, May 2, 2011

Destruction and Destroyed

part1 Destroyed
I am currently pretty destroyed. My hip really hurts, and I cannot run. It is important that I try to watch what I am eating. I used to run 50-55 miles a week. And now I am at 0. I can easily gain 1.5-2 lbs of REAL weight if I keep eating how I am used to eating. I am actually already at the "gained 3 lbs" mark and its only been a week. Plus a period though.

part2 Destruction
The baby dog had decided that he is really upset that his master left us. Thus far he has destroyed: a souvenir banana leaf soccer ball from Uganda (totally replaceable right?!); a thumb drive; the other dog's bed; the trash bag that contained that bed- and the bed again; my pineapple plant. I am going to keep a running list to show the BF when he gets back. I think it will be a funny way to present it so that he laughs a bit, after getting upset at what all is missing. Here is the picture of him with the bed, I made it bigger so you could see all the pieces of the foam.

part3 (unlisted)

I am proud of me! I mowed the lawn yesterday! All by myself, I went and got gas (premium? does it have to be? no idea...?) and then started it in the back, so the neighbors wouldnt see. Once it was warmed up though, it really wasn't an issue to start in the front yard the second time. I also started finishing the landscaping in the front yard. I just need a little more mulch. I cut up an overgrown bush.... not so great, its not pruning season, but SOMETHING needed to be done about that bush! I will try to post pictures of it soon!

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