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Monday, May 9, 2011


So... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the dog situation. The baby is aggressive towards other dogs and people. I am walking him twice a day now and he is getting better on the people front, but I think that he just doesn't see enough OTHER dogs to get used to it. :-\ Also I might be doing it wrong. We are going to get personal lessons. Our next obedience class is Wednesday but the instructor offered that maybe we should try one on one first :(

Next, MY HANNAH! can you believe it. She is really food possesive? Always has been, but only of HER food. The baby, brat that he is, always waits till everyone else is done eating before he will start eating. Maybe thats the pecking order, who knows. But the obnoxious thing is that he will walk away from his bowl while eating, almost challenging the other dogs to try to take some. Then he will pounce on them growling. Anyway so this morning poor Tipper (beagle, 20 lbs smaller than baby and 45 lbs smaller than hannah) fell for the trick. When baby came back, HANNAH attacked tipper! it was horrid.

I find the best thing is not to get involved, not to get upset and scream (which is exactly what you want to do) but just try to be excited in the other room and get them to forget about fighting bc Omgosh! there are treats in the bathroom?! or the like. I just feel so horrible for Tipper. She doesn't deserve it. I then protected her from the others, and held her in my lap, but Hannah would not have this- because i am her person. Almost set her off a second time.


  on brighter news, my sister found this for my front yard, yippee :) he will go next to that big bush in the front right.

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry the dogs are fighting :( I think it will all work out eventually! <3

    Love the knome! He's cute! I think he'll look adorable in front of the bush.

    It was good to talk yesterday, sorry I had to cut it short!