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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I moved! 17 hours drive and 1000 miles away from home. For the first time since my freshman year in college, and I feel like college doesnt really count because it was sort of temporary? This is my home now. And its a house. I am very excited.

Things that were cool, were that I got to listen to podcasts ALL the drive. It made a difference keeping me awake wise, listening to a calming voice rather than loud music. I think I read somewhere on MSN one day that loud music can actually make you MORE tired. Anyway, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's  Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast is pretty gosh darn amazing! It gave me a lot to think about and to talk about with omni BF. He is definitely getting way more supportive!

Things that I wanted to share were my awesome on-the-road meals. Things I picked up with my old job were salsa or pico de gallo just poured over bagged salad mix, super easy and under 5 bucks! or tortillas and hummus with a veggie grill pack for filler? super awesome good stuff. I think eating raw veggie stuff for the 2000 mile drive made all the difference (also tons of bananas! at least 2 a day) and yoga at EVERY stop. and in the airport.... people did look at me funny LOL

I am exhausted but I feel like I am excited for the meshing of my life with my omni- love. He is getting more supportive of the vegan-ism which is good... he even grilled my tempeh for me on the opposite side of the grill :)

pictures soon! I promise :)

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  1. Oh goodness... See what a terrible blog reader I am? How am I supposed to remember to check it...? Lol. I'm sorry :(

    So glad you are happy and moved! Yoga in the airport? I think I need you to make me exercise... :) <3