This is going to be a self awareness blog consisting of recipes, talk about workout, and inspirational ideas. I am leaving it open to the public because I hope it will become useful tool for others, and I really hope to meet like minded people to talk about this stuff with! Jump right in reading, or start at the introduction.  Again, welcome. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I moved! 17 hours drive and 1000 miles away from home. For the first time since my freshman year in college, and I feel like college doesnt really count because it was sort of temporary? This is my home now. And its a house. I am very excited.

Things that were cool, were that I got to listen to podcasts ALL the drive. It made a difference keeping me awake wise, listening to a calming voice rather than loud music. I think I read somewhere on MSN one day that loud music can actually make you MORE tired. Anyway, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's  Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast is pretty gosh darn amazing! It gave me a lot to think about and to talk about with omni BF. He is definitely getting way more supportive!

Things that I wanted to share were my awesome on-the-road meals. Things I picked up with my old job were salsa or pico de gallo just poured over bagged salad mix, super easy and under 5 bucks! or tortillas and hummus with a veggie grill pack for filler? super awesome good stuff. I think eating raw veggie stuff for the 2000 mile drive made all the difference (also tons of bananas! at least 2 a day) and yoga at EVERY stop. and in the airport.... people did look at me funny LOL

I am exhausted but I feel like I am excited for the meshing of my life with my omni- love. He is getting more supportive of the vegan-ism which is good... he even grilled my tempeh for me on the opposite side of the grill :)

pictures soon! I promise :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The key to savory oatmeal

eureka I've got it! I should totally post a picture of my creation but its not very pretty right now, maybe next time :) when I plate it up all on purpose. right now its in a tupperware!

savory oatmeal, ive blogged about it before it has become an obsessive passion. its quick its super tasty and i like to believe its not too horrible for me ;) I made myself oat milk when I was sick, didn't even realize they sell the stuff? oatmeal, its my purest form of comfort food from childhood.

the key... wait for it... is GARLIC. yes garlic and oatmeal.

variations of the last week:
spring salad mix, hoison, garlic
Kale, onion, hoison, garlic
miso, asparagus <- not so great until I added the garlic!

the bottom line, as long as you got a veggie and a garlic your oatmeal will be fantastic. I am particular to the leafier veggies, like kale or the spring salad mix (you know the one with spinach and dandelion?) what i generally do is cook up the oatmeal and sauce and keep it in the tupperware in my fridge. When a snack attack hits, I heat it up a second time all microwave style, and mix in the fresh leafies, they wilt while *I* enjoy!

bon appetit!