This is going to be a self awareness blog consisting of recipes, talk about workout, and inspirational ideas. I am leaving it open to the public because I hope it will become useful tool for others, and I really hope to meet like minded people to talk about this stuff with! Jump right in reading, or start at the introduction.  Again, welcome. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

Several things I am excited about right now!

1- My newest Vegan toiletries purchase! My plan is to use up what I have in my freezer and make-up stock and then replace everything with vegan alternatives. Recent purchase was deodorant, super nice smelling and fun! I am proud of my ingredients checking prowess so I took a picture even :P plus I think pictures make blogs more fun!

As far as food is concerned I am the fridge is emptied already, freezer and pantry might take a bit of time. I gift to my dog (who is not complaining ;) ) or I suppose once I move in with the boyfriend I can cook whatever for him, or donate to my family. Its hard, morally, to allow myself to do this because I don’t think that they should be eating this crap either, but I cant justify throwing out anything that is “useable”.

The boyfriend will be visiting for the first time since the switch, and I am excited to see how he will receive my new fridge “where’s the cheese?! What I can’t make an omelet for breakfast?!” But I have some pancake recipes and oatmeal all ready to go :D I think it will go well once he realizes that he will still be well fed, even if I don’t buy his beloved bacon.

2- VEGA! I am so excited about the shake mixes. I bought the natural to try the flavor, and it was most fantastic. So, I bought all the other flavors to sample (before committing to a bigger tub of whatever) when I went to the Chicago Whole Foods on Sunday. Obviously fun picture of my purchase (can i rotate these? lets pretend its sideways for artistic purposes)-

I am starting to realize I do need to still focus on my “diet” even if I am eating good whole foods. This protein myth (which I flipped out about before) is a little engrained in my mind if you can believe it! The more protein I try to find, the crappier I felt. I was OVER DOING IT. wait what? I posted on veggieboards the other day about supplementing and someone reminded me that even if it is plant protein it STILL is protein, and it STILL can slow down digestion. For duh, me, why did I think it was different?

Anyway more self aware, that’s why I started this J I will use my protein powders because theyre fantastic, but then I need to remember- nuts, peanut butter, tofu, tempeh, don’t also over do these things! 3000 calories of vegan is still too much for little me!

Cheers to starting to figure out a balance! Thanks for listening to my thoughts today, they were many!

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