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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

more books and crackers

So, I'm getting ready for a relaxing night of reading and movies. BOY am I bloated and uncomfortable today. Not sure what thats all about, didnt sleep well at all last night because of stomach pains :(

Anywhooo I picked up from the library today:
Old McDonald's Factory Farm (already through half of it and I got it at lunch :-O) By CDC
in defense of animals, the second wave by peter singer (I am super excited about this one, I've read quite a few of his utilitarian arguments in a contemporary moral philosophy class I took in undergrad and remembered how much his style hit home in my logic mind)

Super sad to give back the Vegan Freak book... I might have to buy a copy just because I loved it so much, and it seems that its a pretty unique genre? Either animal rights, or vegan diet, but they really connected why they have to be one and the same on an emotional, almost instinctual level. Awesome book. just fantastic. Vegan Freak.

Also, has anyone else discovered "mary's gone crackers"? i would have to say my favorite part is the disclaimer on the box about the contents. ALL the flavors of cracker are amazing, but apparently there are more products which I will HAVE to try now that I've discovered it... aaand they carry the original flavor at my local Costco in BULK! woot!

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