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Monday, May 17, 2010

An overdue hello!

Hi :) its been a while! I have been developing my life theories and going through some hardships, but I am at a point that I want to shout from the rooftops how happy I am to be 'seeing the light' and BEING (not becoming) vegan! Its been quite a while since I've had animal product, and chocolate is STILL my weakness, though now its dark chocolate, and I am reading the labels to make sure its vegan dark chocolate.

I've found a great vegan mentor in the author of veganstrong.blogspot.com, she is so fantastic and is always ready to help me find references to satisfy my wanderlust!

Things I have read so far (by her recommendation) are:

and by my own picking:

I am so excited about their podcast?!

I'll probably eventually evaluate all the readings that I am doing. I think these are three very different genres and I am happy for the order in which I read them. I really enjoyed diet for a new america as an introduction to animal rights. It really REALLY set me off... and the thing is, you can say its "propoganda" and "a bunch of crazy emotional hippies", but here is my problem... its the truth. what?! I say it cause I saw it. On a farm, in a van... I saw those poor pigs, with NO TAILS. I thought it was too crazy to be true, but then I saw it.

I cant unsee, I cant unknow... there is no turning back now! if anyone has any recommendations for podcasts, reading, forums, and is reading my blog in passing, let me know! otherwise I am just going to spew fun philosophy cause thats my thing right now :)

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