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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Troubled Waters

This weekend has been tough. I thought I was most of the way there already, so why would completely vegetarian almost vegan be an issue? 2 weeks into being more aware of my diet, I really crashed today into a sweets binge. I have been missing something from my diet to have had such a horrendous eating day. I am almost ashamed to blog about it.

I think it might be protein. Protein gives you a different more sustained energy than carbohydrates, which is better for energy dip controlling (blah blah blah we all know.. haha). Looking back on these past weeks: I ran out of soy milk and tofu early last week. So, its been maybe a couple of servings of beans total. Oops.

I had issues leaving the house due to my back, I felt bad spending money, I wanted to avoid the processed meat replacers. I.. I... excuses! I need to take care of myself! I caved and bought some of those boca (vegan) and morning star burgers (spicy black bean) tonight, as well as replenishing my stock of soymilk and tofu (on sale?!). I boiled a huge pot of beans to jar and have available for the week. Go me! Hopefully next week will go better.
I found some interesting articles on how to make sure you get enough protein and how protein is available in plant form (a discussion of incomplete vs complete and complimenting proteins). I liked this article because finding protein was one thing I was worried about when I started cutting out yogurt and fish. Especially because I like to work out. I super liked this graph I found article at savvyvegetarian.com (I'm a visual person :P):

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  1. I can easily get 90g of protein a day if I think about it. Have you tried seitan yet? You can buy it or make it yourself and it is VERY high in protein. I also really like roasted shelled pumpkin seeds (pepitas). They have almost 10g of protein in 1/4 cup.

    People talk a lot about how we don't actually need as much protein as we're led to think we do (after all, almost no one in this country suffers from protein deficiency: kwashiorkor), but I still like to keep it high, I tend to head over to sweets less when I do.

    Don't feel guilty about blogging it, that's the point right?!!