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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bikram and Beans

Yesterday I finally made it to my Bikram Yoga class. It was fantastic! Definitely what I needed. The schedule didn’t turn out as anticipated because my back seized up on Monday and I needed to take care of (i.e rest) that. I am planning on sticking to yoga for a while. My runner’s knee is acting up because I am walking weird due to the back issue. 
The great things about the class:
  • I sweat A LOT. Got a lot of those toxins/pain relievers out of my system. I wore long sleeves and pants on purpose to create more sweating. Most people in the class did not (as an fyi).
  •  I got a deeper stretch into the muscle that has been seizing. I had to be very careful and come out of a few poses to make sure I didn’t end up hurting myself. (yay self aware!)

The “downside”:
  • Not like typical yoga. The poses are more balance poses, slow and deliberate. I sort of wanted a tight stretch of my IT band and I didn’t get that during the class
  • Plan to shower and change after class! Last time I went it was in May so I just went home to shower. It was 15*F outside... my mistake…

Usually I do yoga at home, using different DVDs as guidance or a book. This is actually the first time I bought a mat, so I better start going to classes more often! I am excited to see what other Bikram classes this studio offers during my introductory unlimited yoga trial period.

Oh! Also I made navy beans! I didn’t realize how much work beans are (new cook in the kitchen!). I soaked them for 2 days (longer than usual soaking) and thought it would be like 45 minutes to done? WRONG, 2 hours later, still crunchy-ish beans. Here’s my new “go get em” plan, soak and boil MANY beans, then jar the cooked beans. If you jar them right away and put them in the fridge while they are still hot the air seal will form. I have a jar full of semi-crunchy, perfectly seasoned and stored beans in my fridge for use when I need a quick dinner supplement. :)

oh and I realized I said that those cookies were vegan, embarrassing. I don't think that OTC chocolate is vegan most of the time because it involves a butter base. I'll do better next time. 

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