This is going to be a self awareness blog consisting of recipes, talk about workout, and inspirational ideas. I am leaving it open to the public because I hope it will become useful tool for others, and I really hope to meet like minded people to talk about this stuff with! Jump right in reading, or start at the introduction.  Again, welcome. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop Stressing!

Hi, I am alive. I am ok. :)

So everyone is sort of settling. The dogs are being very sweet, but Tipper has an ear infection. I will take her to the vet Thursday, because I need to take Bupkis to obedience classes Wednesday night at Petsmart. I think I am going to apply for the personal lessons. He is getting better with people aggression on our walks, but I think Petsmart is just TOO many people in a CLOSED place and its just too much all at once. It floods over him, and the anxiety is too much for me to control or him to bear.

We are definitely looking forward to Boyfriend coming home, but we are getting into our groove with the dogs.

I am taking Tipper on Thursday, that way I can clean (I will take the day off of work) because my FAMILY is coming on Friday :) yay! My sister and my dad, she will bring the gnome :) Hopefully Friday... Maybe Saturday depending on the drive.

I just need to get my back healed. Still need the muscle relaxers... I tried not to take them today but my limp is super noticeable and painful and my leg is weak :( I am losing SO much muscle mass...  thats my gripe today. But its just important to take it little by little. Everything is fine. We are all ok and we are going to make it :-P stay calm, it could always be worse.

we have this weekend to look forward to! yay! visit!

Monday, May 9, 2011


So... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the dog situation. The baby is aggressive towards other dogs and people. I am walking him twice a day now and he is getting better on the people front, but I think that he just doesn't see enough OTHER dogs to get used to it. :-\ Also I might be doing it wrong. We are going to get personal lessons. Our next obedience class is Wednesday but the instructor offered that maybe we should try one on one first :(

Next, MY HANNAH! can you believe it. She is really food possesive? Always has been, but only of HER food. The baby, brat that he is, always waits till everyone else is done eating before he will start eating. Maybe thats the pecking order, who knows. But the obnoxious thing is that he will walk away from his bowl while eating, almost challenging the other dogs to try to take some. Then he will pounce on them growling. Anyway so this morning poor Tipper (beagle, 20 lbs smaller than baby and 45 lbs smaller than hannah) fell for the trick. When baby came back, HANNAH attacked tipper! it was horrid.

I find the best thing is not to get involved, not to get upset and scream (which is exactly what you want to do) but just try to be excited in the other room and get them to forget about fighting bc Omgosh! there are treats in the bathroom?! or the like. I just feel so horrible for Tipper. She doesn't deserve it. I then protected her from the others, and held her in my lap, but Hannah would not have this- because i am her person. Almost set her off a second time.


  on brighter news, my sister found this for my front yard, yippee :) he will go next to that big bush in the front right.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

When the Cat's Away

The mice will play....

YAY! So far this weekend, I vacuumed, reorganized our living room, cleaned the garage, took out the recycling, and cleaned my car. Today I will do some landscaping, start a wine, maybe wash the bed sheets? and vacuum again because these dogs are awesome at bringing things inside that shouldnt be on the carpet. I am not lonely.... I am not lonely... LOL

Also I watched 2 seasons of 30 rock. Help me.

I am excited that I got to play some piano. Its weird though, I don't like to play any new songs? I just play the songs I used to know, poorly yet but I am sure I will get back to it. Its hard to learn new music, I forgot how I used to do it. haha I am OLD!

Pictures to make things interesting: We have a ton of these cool dudes running around my garden. The tails are much longer than this picture though. SUPER bright.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday... at least its Tuesday

I am currently watching "I am an animal" the story of the one of PETAs co founders. It's alright, not really.... compelling. I just wanted to comment on one thought. She asked if people could eat if only ONE meal with no animals. I suppose its been a while since I have eaten animal products, but I just ... dont find it that hard to avoid anymore? Its more of a hassle to make sure to have cheese/meat/milk or to cook it. Anyway its just interesting to think of things like this. I am trying to lose/not gain anymore weight and I am having a hard time cutting calories and I dont eat processed foods! Yuck. Man I wish my hip would heal so I could walk normal, maybe run again.... I just feel soooo PUFFY. :-|

Anyway. Else. My yard, yaaaay I mowed the lawn :)  And an awesome rose I grew.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Destruction and Destroyed

part1 Destroyed
I am currently pretty destroyed. My hip really hurts, and I cannot run. It is important that I try to watch what I am eating. I used to run 50-55 miles a week. And now I am at 0. I can easily gain 1.5-2 lbs of REAL weight if I keep eating how I am used to eating. I am actually already at the "gained 3 lbs" mark and its only been a week. Plus a period though.

part2 Destruction
The baby dog had decided that he is really upset that his master left us. Thus far he has destroyed: a souvenir banana leaf soccer ball from Uganda (totally replaceable right?!); a thumb drive; the other dog's bed; the trash bag that contained that bed- and the bed again; my pineapple plant. I am going to keep a running list to show the BF when he gets back. I think it will be a funny way to present it so that he laughs a bit, after getting upset at what all is missing. Here is the picture of him with the bed, I made it bigger so you could see all the pieces of the foam.

part3 (unlisted)

I am proud of me! I mowed the lawn yesterday! All by myself, I went and got gas (premium? does it have to be? no idea...?) and then started it in the back, so the neighbors wouldnt see. Once it was warmed up though, it really wasn't an issue to start in the front yard the second time. I also started finishing the landscaping in the front yard. I just need a little more mulch. I cut up an overgrown bush.... not so great, its not pruning season, but SOMETHING needed to be done about that bush! I will try to post pictures of it soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Y'All (is it one word?)

so I have been moved to GA for over a year now. Amazing how time flies! Sorry I didnt post before!

As a quick update. I am still vegan, still with Hannah, but 2 new pups and still loving that same wonderful boyfriend LOL

Things are going well, as you would expect there were *some* adjustment issues. Mainly financial. Again, not unexpected. They say that relationships get torn apart on 3 premises: 1-kids 2- religion 3- money. So far while the money was an issue, it was a talkable issue. The one that goes "holy crap, really?" then "ok I guess this is what it is" sort of conversation.

We are probably moving in a year again. And I already found a job at our new location, so I might move ahead if I get offered the position. I am super hopeful and excited about this one. I have applied many places before but this one sounded good. They even "extended the deadline" for applications. So I am hoping that this means they didnt get enough applicants, or they didnt get ANY applicants?!?!?! yea lets hold our breath on that one.

Anyway, I will make this blog updates on just... anything now. Relationship issues (moving in together, others gawking that we are not engaged, remembering he is in the military and he doesnt come home every night *grumble*) and how veg*nism is SUPER hard in the south, fun good recipies, or whatever else :) I have 3 dogs, they should be popping up! LOL

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I moved! 17 hours drive and 1000 miles away from home. For the first time since my freshman year in college, and I feel like college doesnt really count because it was sort of temporary? This is my home now. And its a house. I am very excited.

Things that were cool, were that I got to listen to podcasts ALL the drive. It made a difference keeping me awake wise, listening to a calming voice rather than loud music. I think I read somewhere on MSN one day that loud music can actually make you MORE tired. Anyway, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's  Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast is pretty gosh darn amazing! It gave me a lot to think about and to talk about with omni BF. He is definitely getting way more supportive!

Things that I wanted to share were my awesome on-the-road meals. Things I picked up with my old job were salsa or pico de gallo just poured over bagged salad mix, super easy and under 5 bucks! or tortillas and hummus with a veggie grill pack for filler? super awesome good stuff. I think eating raw veggie stuff for the 2000 mile drive made all the difference (also tons of bananas! at least 2 a day) and yoga at EVERY stop. and in the airport.... people did look at me funny LOL

I am exhausted but I feel like I am excited for the meshing of my life with my omni- love. He is getting more supportive of the vegan-ism which is good... he even grilled my tempeh for me on the opposite side of the grill :)

pictures soon! I promise :)